General FAQ

Participating, rules in short

  1. Only one stamp per card per bar. No exceptions.
  2. Order of achieving the badges is A, C, L and finally T. You must have A before doing C, C before L and L before T. The previous badges must be presented before receiving the next one. No exceptions here, either.
  3. Use cash. Cash is king.
  4. Start time is printed on your ticket. You can't start before, but you can start after your allocated time up to 1900 hours when the start closes.
  5. You have up to 2359 hours to reach the final party place. The badge distribution closes at 23:59 and there is a long queue - come early and start queuing preferably before 23:30.

Badge achievement limits

Achievement Limit
Approbatur 8
Cum Laude 12
Laudatur 16
Doctor 20

One (1) stamp is gained for each and every offering (drink or food) in the restaurant, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Each bar may have an 'appro drink', usually a cheaper and faster drink (a shot) for moving along quickly.

One stamp per card per bar; but no limit on shots per bar, though.